Vikas & Nilima Bhosekar - Landscape Architects

About VNB

Hailing  from  Pune, Mr. Vikas  and  Mrs. Nilima  Bhosekar, represent  the  next  generation  of  landscape  architects. 
After  acquiring  the  Bachelor's  degree  in  Architecture, from  the  University  of  Pune, in  1986, Mr.  Bhosekar  completed  his  post-graduation  from  the  School  of Planning and Architecture, New  Delhi, in  1988.  Thereafter, he  underwent  rigorous  training  under  the  eminent  Prof.  Mohammad  Shaheer, New  Delhi.  Backed  with  such  strong  educational  qualifications  and   sound  practical  training,  he  opted  to  start  his  independent  practice  as  a  landscape  architect, with  his  architect  wife, Nilima, at  Pune, in  1989

Right  from  the  beginning, they  were  entrusted  with  very  large  and  prestigious  projects  such  as  the  Aqua-park  at  Borivili - first  of  it's  kind  in  and  around  Mumbai, involving  intricate  and  modern  water  equipment  and  gadgets, New  Era  School  at Panchgani, spread  over  35  acres, Harmony - residential  complex  at  Mudh-Marve  road, Sacred  Heart  Township  at  Pune, which  won  the  AESA  Award  '98, Spicer  India  factory  at  Satara. 

Considering  the  magnitude  and  the  scale  of  their  projects, Vikas  and  Nilima  are  very  humble  about  their  achievements.  They  strongly  believe, that  ‘ Simplicity  in  design  and  detailing  and, also  of  course, hard  work  and  perseverance  have  all  made  this  possible'.  He  feels, that  the  increasing  awareness  and  the  new trends  of  the  need  for  spaces  for  leisure  and  recreation  would  provide  a  wide  opportunity  for  all  landscape  architects  to  express  and  implement  their  creative  concepts. 

From  the  entire  Pune  City;  they  are  the  only  "Landscape  Architects"  whose  works  have  been  selected  for  the  "Retrospective exhibition"  held  in New  Delhi,  to  celebrate 
Fifty  years  of  Indian  Architecture.

They  have  received  the  prestigious "Journal  of  Indian  Institute  of  Architects" award  for  excellence  in  Architecture for year 1998, in Landscape  category  for  their  project
"HARMONY – A  Residential complex at  Marve Road, Mumbai".

Again for year 1999, they have received the  prestigious "Journal  of  Indian  Institute  of  Architects" award in Landscape category for their project "CLUB AQUARIA- Aqua Park at Borivali, Mumbai".
Consecutively for the third year, they have received the  prestigious "Journal  of  Indian  Institute  of  Architects" award in Landscape category for their project "PHARAOHS - Club House at Florida Estate, Pune".

They received "AMBIENCE Anniversary" award, by Indian Express Group in Landscape category for their project "Raheja Woods, Pune".

Mr. Vikas Bhosekar is working as a member of Landscape Architects' Panel Of Pune Municipal Corporation.